Good Morning Members and Friends, I am delighted to address you in my first report for our new newsletter “Fresh Water”, created and edited by our own VP and International Director – Sue O’Neill, who has done a fabulous job as you can see.

Our club format and our motto appear to have found a resonance with the public, so let us work to strengthen our great start.

It was four months ago last Friday since we were given our Charter date of the 27th June and started our journey to a fully Chartered and Incorporated Club. Starting with 23 Charter members we now have 26 which is great going in four months.

The success of our club is all down to you our members and friends. This picture was taken at the first public meeting and contains our future members and visitors.

November 7th 2019 We have undertaken seven little community endeavours, and one RAWCS International one, not bad for our new club.

  1. We collected dry goods for Coast Shelter our chosen Charity.
  2. We had our tent at the Ettalong Beach Business & tourism Red Carpet Day where we raised money for Coast shelters youth cottages and women’s refuges.
  3. We, Diggers RSL and Woy Woy South Public School are collecting bottle tops from Milk and similar bottles to send to a company that extracts elements from them to make digitally printed artificial limbs.
  4. We have taken boxes of surplus books from Woy Woy South Public-School library which is undergoing a makeover and arranged for them to be sent in various ways to PNG, Philippines, Nepal, Solomon Islands, Uganda and via Uncle Bob to some remote Aboriginal communities.
  5. Showing the Rotary Story at the recent Coastal Twist festival in the Umina Park. We thank Mitch for his hard work on the day.
  6. RAWCS Uganda Divine Mercy Primary School
  7. We thank Ian for undertaking to make a Tiny Library which with Central Coast Council’s help will be installed at Ettalong prior to Christmas.

Your Board has formed a Strategy group to try and map out our direction for the next few years, so we can have a unity of purpose and of course these ideas will be approved by the General meeting once the Board has approved them.

Many thanks to you all for your help, and efforts over the past few months, you are the best.